English for the doctors and nurses

Communicating in English with patients 

Bedside manner

I give courses for dealing sensitively with English speaking patients to inspire confidence, explain procedures clearly, reassure and show empathy. 

This is called ‘bedside manner’ in English and is related to cultural expectations towards doctors, which may vary from one country to another.


We explore subjects such as degrees of formality, doctor-centred versus patient-centred consultations, the art of asking open questions in English etc.

Personal vocabulary lists

I provide personalised vocabulary lists, available on a smart phone, to cover specialist consultations and to respond to patients’ questions and emotional reactions.

Patient contact

Academic, medical terminology is not always easy for patients to understand. I can help you to use English that is more accessible to the patients. We call this ‘patient -speak’.

International congresses

I can also offer help in presenting research and giving presentations in English at international congresses, as well as handling questions in English in front of a large public.

My courses will make it easier to socialise with other doctors or professionals in an international context.