English for pleasure

How to express yourself in English among friends or abroad 

Social english

Do you have good technical vocabulary related to your profession but find it hard to join in and have fun when going out socially with English speakers?

I can help you gain confidence and learn the language you need to have a lively, interesting conversation in English and join in, both inside and outside the office.

Learn how to:
  • make small talk and get acquainted
  • appreciate native speaker humour
  • show interest and enthusiasm
  • ask open questions to keep the conversation going
  • tell personal anecdotes and comment on items in the news

All the above skills can be developed through targeted vocabulary building and fluency practice in a non-threatening environment.Discussing subjects of personal interest to the student gradually increases confidence and ease in English.

English for pleasure

Perhaps you don’t need to pass an exam but love to speak and hear English. I can give you the opportunity to practise what you already know, to enrich your vocabulary and range of structures and explore the language in many different ways - pure pleasure for those who are just in love with the language!

  • Watch fascinating documentaries in English
  • Read books adapted to your level in English
  • Talk about articles in the news and magazines
  • Explore different aspects of English culture

Take lessons weekly, fortnightly, alone or with a friend. Tailor-made for your pleasure. Experience my English coaching methodology.