Business English & interviews 

If you need to improve your English skills in the workplace, Cambridge Express can offer you courses adapted to your professional needs


If your job requires giving presentations or addressing a public in English and you lack confidence or style, I can help you with specific communication strategies and a safe environment to try out your skills.

  • Captivating openings
  • language for linking ideas and giving examples
  • Creating impact with humour, storytelling and anecdotes
  • Warmth and audience rapport
  • Strong, persuasive conclusions
  • Handling question and answer sessions

No more sleepless nights before a presentation in English!


By having key language skills at your finger-tips, you can ensure that meetings are short and effective, running smoothly and keeping on track. 

  • Dare to voice your opinion
  • Value the contributions of others
  • Ask inspiring questions
  • Feel involved and show leadership

Your colleagues will thank you for that!

English for interviews 

Put forward your strongest qualities and show the confidence and professionalism in English that will get you the job.

  • Emphasise your skills and achievements
  • Express enthusiasm and motivation
  • Communicate goals and personal values

I can help you to do this. Contact Cambridge Express.


Having some diplomatic English can make all the difference to staying on good terms with a business partner. 

Learn the difference between formal and informal English and ways of breaking the ice and building trust.