Reviews of English coaching experiences - Delia Jones, English coach in Vevey

The following evaluations were posted independently on an external website (Trouver-un-cours.ch) or on my Linked In profile

What coachees have to say...

Hatime Bogaba, Financial specialist and accountant, with Federal Diploma

Delia provided a space in which I could build my confidence in English and at the same time explore the keys to my professional success. We spoke together about a wide range of subjects and Delia’s questions were captivating enough for me to forget about my limitations in English and engage with the subject matter instead. I not only gained in confidence with these English coaching sessions but also gained an awareness of my own strengths and qualities and how I use these in a professional setting

Christian Püntener, paleontologist and researcher

"I am completely satisfied with the course. I particularly appreciated the expertise and flexibility of a very sympathetic teacher."

Ginnette Erpen SAP Project Manager & Solution Architect at SAP 

AG & CEO at Synerjia SA

" I attended Delia's classes to prepare the CAE and I have to say that I had never experienced such great language classes before... Every lesson was a real pleasure as we always discussed very interesting topics in class, learnt a lot of new words and expressions and got additional material to practise at home.

Whether you plan to take a Cambridge exam or whether you just wish to improve your language skills, I can highly recommend Delia. She's the best language teacher I've ever had in my life and she made me love the language ! "

Ginette, solution architect and project manager

Esther Früh, HR Business partner

Last year, I had five English coaching sessions with Delia. And I am more than happy to say that she led them all with professionalism, openness and creativity. Not only did Delia help me to set clear objectives, but also to stay focused on them and to stop spreading myself between my ideas. She asked me very thoughtful and subtle questions, which made me think out of the box, always bearing in mind the main goal of the session. I can say that Delia intuitively grasped the heart of the situation and she supported me in finding my own answers and my own way of dealing with the situations I was stuck on. After my coaching with Delia I know that I can rely on my internal resources and this is a great feeling. I highly recommend Delia for her valuable listening skills, her flexibility and her great sense of humour."

Raphaël Schmocker, National Sales Manager chez Galderma

I crossed paths with Delia because I wanted to develop my oral English skills intensively to enable me to communicate confidently in my work. As we progressed, I found that as well as improving my English, we were analyzing, discussing and working together on some of my other skills and also on what was stopping me from using my full potential in my professional setting. Delia was a great support during a key period of my career. With her benevolent guidance, we explored new ways together and always found the solutions that allowed me to better understand others, their needs and on a personal level to dare to take the plunge! All this has allowed me to free myself, to work well under stress and to enjoy new professional achievements. Thank your very much Delia !

Angélique Pitteloud, founder of Pro-Human Equality, diplomat.

English coaching has allowed me to have a much clearer idea of what my goals are and also to keep my mind focused on them and to find the solutions that I needed to accomplish them. I truly appreciate Delia's accuracy of mind and her warm professional manner.

Cynthia Huber, Senior Assistant Global Medical Affairs, Ferring

On two separate occasions in my career, Delia has helped me to identify what set me apart from other candidates and gave me the confidence to show the very best of myself during the interview process. Despite the competition I got the job both times! Delia is really inspiring and an incredible coach. I would definitely recommend her services.

Rose-Marie Fleury, adult trainer 

" Last month, Delia and I had five transformational English coaching sessions together. It was a beautiful experience for me. We began to explore my objective, not only at the level of language but also on a personal level, so my motivation was more deeply rooted. The questions helped me reflect on what I deeply wanted behind the fact of improving my English. Delia, with her focused and profound questions, helped me to go deeper in order to change my beliefs, to overcome obstacles and to shed new light on my values. In the process, Delia used creative tools like visualisation and metaphors, another way to connect to my resources. I can feel the result in my body: I've changed my posture when I speak English and I feel free to express myself not only with my mind but also with my heart."