English coaching

A transformational approach to English learning

What is the added value?

When we believe in our own talents and qualities, we are less afraid to speak in English and can enjoy being ourselves and communicating with authenticity. 

My coaching approach emphasises the person and what they really want to say, rather than focussing only on the language.
Together we put fears of appearing less professional or intelligent in English into perspective and we place attention on the quality of the message.
Coaching helps you to ask yourself powerful questions about what is most important for you in a situation in which you express yourself in English.
This allows you to measure your progress in terms of your real communication goals.

Meaningful conversations 

Whether in the professional or personal realm of life, we all have things that are deeply important to us. I can help you speak about your richest and most satisfying experiences and put words to what you value most. This is what gives a conversation depth and authenticity in any language.

If, as with many professionals, your life is too busy for you to commit to attending courses regularly, you can opt for a series of courses by Skype or Facetime.
Shortly after the conversation, you will receive a personalised list of vocabulary on your smartphone. This will allow you to consolidate new words and expressions until we speak again.