What colour is your English?

As you probably know, each person has a preferred way of communicating that influences their style and behavior when speaking to others.

If you are spontaneous, outgoing and enthusiastic (the colour yellow according to the Arc-en-Ciel DISC profile) you will need a lot of adjectives and intensifiers
(extremely, absolutely, totally…) to describe your experience and transmit your enthusiasm. If you don’t have these, you may feel frustrated and boring because
your natural sunny personality cannot shine through.

If, on the other hand, you value clarity and structure in your communication and prefer to be factual and accurate (the colour blue according to the Arc-en-Ciel DISC profile) then you will need good linking words and phrases, quantifiers and comparatives.
Otherwise, your sense of precision will not be appreciated by your audience.

If you love listening to others, giving people a sense of value and making your contribution to the group (the colour green according to the Arc-en -Ciel DISC
profile) then you will need to be able to show interest and ask open questions to build on your relationship with others. Your pleasure in creating connection
can then be expressed.

If you are a determined, action-oriented extrovert, (the colour red according to the Arc-en-Ciel DISC profile) then you will need action packed vocabulary and the language tools to create impact and powerfully motivate others. Your courage and audacity can then be expressed.

Whatever your style of communication, it is essential that you can be that person in English so that you can access the full range of your strengths and personality.
As an Arc-en-Ciel DISC certified practitioner, this is one of the tools that I use with English Coaching to help people know themselves better and also adapt their
communication to other styles and have a harmonious interaction with their English-speaking clients, colleagues or friends.

To find out more and discuss your needs in English, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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